How To Find A Job In Panama

“Kathleen, I’ve enjoyed reading your writing for years. Thank you so much.

“My question today is for my son-in-law. He recently graduated from college with a degree as an electronic engineering technician and is having difficulty finding a job here in the United States. I’ve heard that Panama has a very low unemployment rate and is seeking qualified people to emigrate and has even created a special residency program for people who want to live and work there.

“My question is how would he go about looking for a job? Would he have to speak Spanish?””

–Tim M., United States

Check out Konzerta. It’s the go-to employment classifieds source in Panama.

Yes, it would be better if your son-in-law spoke Spanish, but it’s not absolutely necessary in today’s job market here. He might find a company that wouldn’t require that or even that would welcome an English-speaker for various reasons.

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