How To Find An International Shipping Company

“Kathleen, I am a subscriber to several of your publications, and I am going to Belize to your conference and to establish an IBC and a corporate bank account in January. I am considering trying to meet with a banker while I’m there, before the conference. Is there a bank you would recommend?

“I will then be relocating to establish permanent residency in Panama where I have had a house in Altos del Maria since 2006. I also recently purchased a property in the Hacienda Pacifica development, which is now under construction. Can you recommend an international shipper? Thanks much.”

–Ron C., United States

For a corporate bank account in Belize, we would recommend Caye Bank. Representatives from the bank will be at the conference and able to open an account for you at the event if you’d like.
To find a shipping company to move your household goods from the States to Panama, take a look here: That website is the best and most efficient way I know to find a shipper from anywhere to anywhere in the world. I’ve used them to find shippers for three of our international moves.

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