How To Get A Panama Driver’s License

“Kathleen, interesting summary on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I live. Granted, this isn’t the cheapest option, but you do get what you pay for in terms of a fully appointed lifestyle with concierge environment, as you say.

“I would like to suggest, why even buy in the first place? Property values in Mexico in general haven’t dropped as much as on the U.S. west coast, for example. I suggest long-term rentals. The Icon Vallarta, for example, is a modern new-built building by the same owners as Icon NYC and Icon Miami. You can lease a 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 280-square-meter oceanfront condo here for US$1,300/month long term. If you’re not picky and want a more authentic feel, you could rent in Gringo Gulch for as little as US$300 a month.

“Note that I’m not an agent or working in the real estate market; just sharing information…”

–Eric R., Mexico


“Kathleen, I really enjoyed the April issue of your Panama Letter. It had wonderful information that we could really utilize. Especially the article on ‘how to get a Panama driver’s license’…”

–Barbara J., United States


“Kathleen, why do you think France is not a place to start a business?”

–Barbara D., France

Taxes, language, bureaucracy, labor laws exceedingly in favor of the employee, workers who don’t really want to work and who view the employer as the enemy…these are among the reasons why France is not a place to indulge your entrepreneurial aspirations.

I ran a business in France for four years and know many people who have operated businesses in this country. Unless your business must be based in France because you’re selling a product or service to the French, you have plenty of less expensive, less hassle-filled, less frustrating options.

That said, for me, the lifestyle in France, specifically in Paris, where we lived for four years before moving to Panama City, is as good as it gets. But that’s me.

If you, too, are tempted by the idea of launching a new life in the Old World, this part of the program we’re planning for our Retire Overseas Conference in Scottsdale will be of great interest…

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