How To Get Your U.S. Passport

“Kathleen, please provide me with how an individual may secure a U.S. passport and visit what you feel is the best country to retire in as a U.S. citizen on Social Security. I want to explore Belize and its asset protection laws for some of our small business owners who want financial protection.

“Also, do you have an affiliate program? I represent the American Consumers Bureau and the American Business Bureau, both of which are membership-oriented organizations for the purpose of providing protection, discounts, and benefits to our members throughout America.”

–Eric M., United States

Note that you could take a first step toward considering your best live and retire overseas options, including Belize, without a passport. You don’t need one to join us in Orlando for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference in September.

Of course, eventually, you’ll want to visit the destinations on your short list to find out firsthand which might be the ideal place for you. Details on how to obtain a U.S. passport are here.

Information about our affiliate program are here.


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