How To Meet Fellow Foreign Retirees In Medellin, Colombia


“Wow, Kathleen! I really enjoyed Darren and Wendy’s story!

Medellin will be my overseas residence, too. During the Live and Invest in Colombia Conference last May, I noticed that a Rotary Club meets at the Intercontinental, where the conference was, so I attended their meeting on Monday. They invited me back to a special meeting they were having on Friday night, and since I was still going to be in town, I accepted the invitation.

“At that meeting, a bilingual Rotarian whom I had met on Monday introduced me to the group and mentioned that I was recently widowed. A lady across the room took notice of that fact because she had been a widow for eight years. She invited me to tour parts of Medellin I had not seen the next day. During that tour, she was asking me a lot of questions through the bilingual fellow, and I answered the same way (she doesn’t speak English, and I don’t speak Spanish).

“She said she would be going to Florida to visit a girlfriend soon. I said that if she let me know when she was going, I’d meet her there and show her a couple of art venues in West Palm Beach. So we spent a week together in Florida and are now in a relationship.

“I had pretty well decided on Medellin before I met her; now it will be my home for more than half of each year. Like Darren and Wendy, I have a lot of stuff to get rid of. I also have a business that isn’t sufficiently portable to take to Colombia from which to disentangle myself. So I don’t know exactly when I’ll actually move. But I’m going to Medellin for a couple of weeks next month.

“I’d love to meet up with Darren and Wendy and any other LIOS alumni who are there!”

–Michael Norton, United States

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