How To Obtain Residency In France Or Italy

“Hola, Kathleen, we are expats who live in Mexico. We want to move to an affordable location in Europe.

“We understand only three-month visas are available to us. However, a friend of ours told us that our retirement, and no need for work, allows us to become residents (we are a married couple).

“How can we learn the truth about visas and also learn about Italy and the south of France?

“Thank you for your response.”

–Lorelei C., Mexico

Many European countries, including both France and Italy, allow you to get legal residency if you can prove you can take care of yourself (that is, pay your bills and not be a burden on the state). You can contact the French and Italian embassies for more information.

Here are the contacts of the French and Italian embassies in the U.S..

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