How To Qualify For Pensionado Discounts And Benefits In Panama

“Kathleen, I have been a faithful reader and have some of your books, and I realize you do cover other places, but I have no interest in South or Central America.

“However, I note some recent articles on Istanbul. Wow! What a city! I have visited but wonder if you have some more material on relocating there. I trust your judgment on these things, and Istanbul sounds wonderful.

“Thanks for your continued articles. They help keep my dreams alive. Soon.”

–Mike N., United States

We have published a Country Retirement Report on Turkey, available here.


¨Kathleen, if I apply for Panama residency under the Specific Countries program and decide to live in Panama later, can I change to the pensionado residency then? Of course, I want the discounts I would get with the pensionado residency.”

–Leanne H., United States

The very good news about the Panama pensionado discounts is that they’re available to any resident over a certain age, regardless of how you established residency. All men 60 and older and women 55 and older living in this country are due the pensionado savings and perks.

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