How To Qualify For Residency In Belize

“Kathleen, regarding Belize, the tourist visa cost is US$25 (50 Belize dollars) for the first year and then goes to US$50 (100 Belize dollars) after the first year. We’ve been living here full time for 10 months and that’s all we’ve paid.

“You are also allowed to leave the country if it’s for business (income) or medical reasons and it doesn’t count against your time towards residency. I am on the QRP and my wife-to-be is on a tourist visa. She just got her work permit so we’ll be applying for residency in December. We’ll see how that goes!

“We reside in Hopkins and we love it. If you get a chance come check it out sometime. There’s a large expat presence here.”

–Kenney S., Belize

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