How To Reduce Your Tax Burden By Going Offshore

“Kathleen, I have been an avid reader and follower for many years. And partly as a result of information gleaned from your writings I am now happily residing full-time in Ecuador.

“Although your information is always lively and interesting, I have lately swapped it for Churchill’s war memoirs…but only temporarily!

Au revoir.”

–John F., United States

“Lief, brilliant answer to the ‘tax attorney’ who accused you of misleading readers! I would guess he never expected you to respond so openly and publicly. It is obvious he isn’t reading the information you provide. I have never read anything from you or Kathleen that even hinted at tax evasion.

“You are so right. U.S. tax accountants, attorneys, and people from many walks of life are brainwashed. They can’t even comprehend that someone just may want a better quality of life and that just may be outside the United States.”

–Linda F., United States

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