How to Retire Overseas

“Ms. Peddicord, I was reluctant to open your first e-mail since I had not memorized your name. So I googled you and found that you are the LIO newsletter publisher.

“Open sesame!

“My first impression is that you, like many of the newsletter writers available to us, do not get to the point very quickly, and at 75 I need to get to the point.

“But I will give you a fair trial. Thanks for inviting me in.”

–Walt B., a brand-new reader from the United States


“Kathleen, I am reading your book, ‘How to Retire Overseas.’

“My husband and I really want to move but not sure where. I get very motion sick so, once I move, I will not be coming back unless it is for good. You mentioned when moving to stay in a hotel until the decision is made on where you will live. When are the belongings shipped? For example, I spoke with a realtor in Cuenca, and he said you must be a citizen before moving items to avoid the 50% to 60% import fee.

“How is all this organized? You need to write another book!”

–Melinda B., United States

I’m not sure where the real estate agent is getting his information, but you can move to Ecuador and bring your personal belongings with you duty free with legal residency. Citizenship is something else and not necessary for shipping personal belongings to a country.

Also, I did write another book! “How to Buy Real Estate Overseas” is my new book, out in bookstores just last month. It’s also available on Amazon (for just US$16.96 for the hardcover edition) here.

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