How To Retire Overseas With Your Pets

“Kathleen, thank you for your perspective. Your words are refreshing and inspirational and salted with the good taste of reality.

“Seeing your interview on Yahoo was a pleasant surprise!

“Happy trails.”

–Christopher R., United States


“Kathleen, friend of ours gave us your book for Christmas, and we’ve since signed up for your newsletter. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have found such a wealth of resources!

“My husband and I plan to retire in 6 1/2 years (he will be 62 and I 54). We have two cats who will almost certainly still be alive then, and we will definitely want to take them with us. Have you or your staff put together any resources on practicalities/regulations of moving abroad with pets? We are particularly interested in hearing about most of the top countries you mention in your book and newsletter: Panama, Ecuador, Belize, France, etc.

“Thank you!”

–Kris B., United States

It’s possible to relocate easily with pets like cats and dogs to most places you’d want to go. More exotic pets can be more challenging, but cats should not be a problem in any of the places you name.

We detail the particular requirements and logistics involved in country-specific reports available here.

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