How To Retire To Ireland

“Kathleen, I’m ready to move! I’m 56 and my wife is 54. We want to retire to Ireland. How do I do it!

“I need to get to 59 1/2. I have US$700k in our 401 and about another US$200k. Can I really do it?

“Where do we start?”

–Rick J., United States

Yes, you really can do it. Ireland can be a great choice, and it sounds like you have the nest egg to support your dream.

Start by reading my “How To Retire Overseas” book. You can buy it on Amazon, sometimes for as little as US$10. It’s the most cost-efficient first step I can think of.

Next step would be to sign up for my “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas” course. This program takes you step by step, day by day, from the dream to the reality, covering in detail, lesson by lesson, everything you need to know to prepare and to make the move.

Again, yes, you really can do this.


“Kathleen, please, please. Do something that doesn’t always pander to the lowest end. A good many of your followers are Baby Boomers with more than US$600 a month to spend. And how about some more coverage of Asia?

“Thank you.”

–Jason O., Dominican Republic

Got it…and on it.

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