How To Retire To Italy


“Kathleen, enjoy your newsletters very much. I’m still in the information stage. I lived in Italy many years ago and love the country and the people. That’s where I’m dreaming of returning. Still working on the financing part of the dream.

“Keep the letters coming and keep up the good work!”

–Dave H., United States


“Kathleen, I’m continuing my adventures in the highlands of Ecuador following your Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference earlier this month. My plans to visit the thoroughbred farm I told you about have worked out well. There is a sweet girl who gives the tour. There are a total of 108 horses on the ranch, with some fine bloodlines. Most are thoroughbred, with a speckle of quarter-horse and a handsome Percheron, who is a gentleman and a little flirt. It is amazing to see the product of careful breeding in this elite farm. The finca has workers on site round the clock. There is a koi pond and adjacent is the private trout pond.

“A gazebo of native woods makes for a perfect meditation spot. It is apparent the owners love the farm and their stock. The grounds are well maintained and very attractive.

“The price for this diversion was all of US$5 and well worth it. There are some items in the shop/house to buy with logos of the rancho, even specialty coffee.

“It was mucky out, so you want to wear boots or shoes you are not afraid to part with. I highly recommend this trip to horsey people. The well-kept grounds are just icing on the cake. More later.”

–Suzi B., on the road in Ecuador

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