How To Retire To Johor Bahru, Malaysia

“Kathleen and team, just want to say thank you and great job!

“We had started thinking about overseas retirement a few years ago. We discovered the Malaysia residency option via various online forums. In September last year we applied for MM2H and received our approval in December.

“Toward the middle of last year, while that was still in the pipeline, we came across your newsletter in the course of looking for info on various geographic options. So glad we subscribed! Even though we were more or less settled on the Malaysian option, we did learn a lot of interesting facts and insights.

“Best of all, for us personally, is the newsletter that just arrived with all the info on Johor Bahru, because that’s the place we’re looking at.

“Just about to head out there in a couple of weeks to check out the place more thoroughly. Kudos to Wendy and David Justice on an insightful and thorough write-up.

“A few months ago, I also purchased a couple of special reports and did have a problem with the quality of content in one of them. But I appreciate the way you resolved my issue. Thanks for that, too. I am a content developer and writer myself so I do get a bit pedantic about this stuff.

“Keep up the great work!”

–Antana V., United States

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