How To Ship Your Household Goods To Belize

“Kathleen, first of all, I’d like to thank you for the information you provide, very helpful. We’ve traveled to Belize this year and have been looking at various places to eventually settle down. Once we spent some time in Belize, we decided that’s the place for us. We fell in love with it. We are in the beginning stages of buying a home there and intend to move there permanently after the first of the year.

“My main question is we were told that we could hire a guide that would meet us at the border of Mexico and Texas and would ride with us to the Belize border. That was recommended as the safest way to get there and bring a vehicle and bare necessities with us, including the family pet. Do you have any info on this?”

–Kenney K., United States (for now)

If you are planning to make the trip with a vehicle and their dog, you’d probably be fine. I wouldn’t advise trying to make the drive with a big trailer loaded with a houseful of stuff.

It’s worth pointing out that our logistics contact in Belize generally recommends against driving to Belize through Mexico. That said, I know he does it often. Not, though, with a big truck full of stuff.

I’ve known dozens of folks who have shipped their belongings to Belize successfully. The biggest issue can be the customs duty charged in Belize. Duties in Belize are high. You can avoid them altogether if you relocate as a Qualified Retired Person (QRP). More on this here.

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