Hydroponics And Organic Gardening In Cayo, Belize

“Lief and Kathleen, for your 10-acre parcel in Cayo, Belize, you may want to consider looking into hydroponics. It can be started on somewhat of a shoestring budget. With a space of 12 feet by 24 feet, hydroponics can produce 200 to 400 pounds of fish each year, in addition to more than 1,000 pounds of vegetables. Do an Internet search for ‘hydroponics.’ When the feces hits the oscillating air circulator, hydroponics can be a great source of fresh food with a minimal amount of effort.”

–Ron P., New Subscriber, United States


“Lief and Kathleen, I want to congratulate you on your back-up plan for a safe bolt hole should everything go bad. I think it is very wise to get a consultant to help you get started. You would think that growing things wouldn’t be all that difficult. But I’ve tried it, and it is harder than you think, especially if you want to do it organically. I’ve planted fruit trees several times and after a couple of years just as they are about to bear fruit some blight or fungus will come along and kill the tree. And if you do get fruit…worms or deer will eat them just before you are ready to pick them. And as for a garden…if it isn’t bugs or drought or blight, it’s deer or raccoons or something. The only thing I’ve had any real luck with is chickens and rabbits. As long as you have strong cages they are safe and seem to work out.

“Best wishes!”

–Tim F., United States

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