Precious Metals Investing

“Kathleen, it is legal to own gold and real estate inside the U.S. That is, what’s your point in making the point that it’s legal also to own gold and real estate outside the States? I don’t get it.”

–John C., United States

Yes, of course, it is legal to own gold and real estate in the United States. It’s also legal for someone to file a frivolous lawsuit against you in the United States and, as a result, to get a judgment against your gold and real estate…along with any other assets you hold inside the country.

Keeping all your assets in the States is, literally, keeping all your eggs in one basket. The risk is you could lose them all, to some silly lawsuit or even to the U.S. government (remember Roosevelt confiscated everyone’s gold).

My point was (and is) that diversification is key to protecting your assets and, further, that it is not illegal (as, unfortunately, some fear) to do so.

These are the ideas and opportunities we’ll address in detail, with the help of experts, at our upcoming Emergency Offshore Summit.


“Kathleen, is there a way to get money from your retirement pension and pre-tax 401(k) moved to an account in another country, say, Belize, without paying the U.S. tax penalties for early withdrawal?”

–Steve H., United States

Yes. You can set up a self-directed IRA and invest the funds outside the United States without penalty. Again, this is an issue that we’ll address fully during our Emergency Offshore Summit in December.

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