International Schooling Options In Panama City And Elsewhere In Central America

“Kathleen, my family is interested in moving to Central America, but we have two children ages 8 and 10. We would like to continue their education in all-English schools. From our investigation, all of the English-speaking private schools in Central America are very, very expensive.

“Do you have any suggestions to a family that wants to relocate on a limited budget but still wants their kids to go to all-English U.S.-type schools? Which country in Central America has the most affordable U.S. private schools?”

–Ali J., United States

We’ve found international-standard schools here in Panama City, where we’ve been sending our son to school for the past seven years, to be both excellent and a bargain compared with private schools in the States.

Another thing we like about the schooling options in Panama City is that they include not only U.S. and other English-language schools but also a French school, where our son attends.

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