International Travel With Pets

“Kathleen, I read your e-letter and have your book. One area that I have not seen discussed… can you bring your pets with you when you move to Belize or Panama?

“This is probably the determining factor for me to seriously considering moving overseas.”

— Marci M., United States

The particulars of bringing your pet with you are included in both our Live and Invest in Belize Kit and our Live and Invest in Panama Kit. Bottom line, it’s no problem to bring your pets with you to either country (assuming your pets aren’t of the extraordinarily exotic variety).

The procedure in each case is straightforward. For details on how to bring a pet to Belize with you, contact the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), Animal Health Department, Central Farm, Cayo District; tel. (501)824-4872; fax (501)824-4889; or

In Panama, this is the contact for up-to-date information: Health Ministry, Dra. Damaris Contreras; tel. (507)512-9338.

In addition, you’ll want to check with the airline you’ll be flying, as not all airlines allow pets to travel with you (again, depending on the type of pet in question).

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