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Internet And VOIP In Belize


“Wrong again, Kathleen!

“Every single one of my neighbors here in Belize uses Skype.

“I use a Belize service called Stellar Links for all internet services including VOIP. The cost is BZ$100 a month.

“Others use a Tunnel and pretend they are in Prague or Melbourne.

“Both the above work perfectly.”

–Jason P., Belize

I wasn’t careful enough in my phrasing. Right, VOIP works in Belize. However, Skype does not. It’s blocked by BTL.

As you suggest, work-arounds are possible for the more IT-literate among us, allowing you to “trick” BTL into thinking you’re somewhere else and thereby enabling access to Skype.

Strictly speaking, though, again, the direct service isn’t available.

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