Internet, Electricity, And Utilities In Panama

“Kathleen, without you I’d never have realized that it may be possible for me to move to Panama, which is what I now want to do. Is there an area where there are no mosquitoes? What about high-speed internet and utilities? Are they dependable? Keep up the good work.”

–Sylvia A., United States

This is the tropics. Mosquitos and other flying things are part of the scene. That said, I go months without being bitten. Avoid the beaches at sundown, avoid standing pools of water, and use bug spray when hiking, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Internet and utilities are dependable in Panama City (though not 100% so…my son is home today because his school lost power over the weekend and hasn’t figured out yet how to restore it). In small towns along the coast or in the mountains, you’ll want a generator and a water tank. And you’ll have to resign yourself to the fact that, yes, you will lose your internet connection from time to time.

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