Invest In Brazil… Rentals In Belize

“Kathleen, I have lived in Brazil for 14 years now (ex-USA) and have a good understanding of Brazil and its people.

“Probably a worse (people and government) place on earth doesn’t exist. At the same time, this country is home to probably some of the nicest beaches anywhere.

“Believe me, investing in Brazil is not for the weak of heart.”

Yani K., Brazil



“Are there rentals in Belize? How can I learn about them? I want to rent for a year to determine if I like the country.”

Gail S., United States

Smart thinking…good plan.

The rentals market in Belize, certainly beyond Ambergris Caye, is thin. The easiest way to find a rental available would be to contact a real estate agent in the area of the country where you’re interested in spending time.

You’ll get a better deal, of course, though, if you go local (that is, ask around in-country), which is far easier to do in Belize than in most other countries we recommend, as the language is English.

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