Investing In Puerto Vallarta, Panama, Or Ambergris Caye, Belize

“Kathleen, what suggestions have you for a three-bedroom condo on the beach, where the condo management would take care of the unit and possibly rent the unit?”

–Dave S., United States

Generally speaking, condo buildings don’t come with built-in rental management. Wherever you buy (short of, say, a French leaseback property, which would come with built-in rental management, or some other special circumstance), you’ll have to find and engage a rental and property manager to handle your condo as a rental for you.

If you’re interested specifically in a beach rental, I’d recommend Puerto Vallarta, where the rental industry is developed, meaning you’d have no trouble finding management.

Most beach condos in Panama are smaller (one- and two-bedroom units are the norm in this market), though you might find larger units in some of the newest projects. Like Puerto Vallarta, Panama City and the City Beaches area are developed rental markets, meaning you’d have rental management options.

Another beachfront market to consider in this part of the world is Ambergris Caye, Belize, though, again, here, I think a three-bedroom unit would be hard to come by.

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