Investing In Farmland Around The World

“Kathleen, I’m planning on staying in the United States, but I would like to invest in farmland in other countries. Have you seen any organizations that would let me buy in?”

–Janet M., United States

As you suggest, you don’t have to move yourself to reap the rewards of global diversification.

Investing in real estate in another country is our preferred way to diversify assets, and, in today’s world, productive land is the most interesting real estate asset to own. As developers recognize the growing demand for the kind of investment you’re asking about—a chance to invest in farming in another country without becoming a farmer in another country—more and more opportunities of this kind are being created.

We’re working with several groups who are putting together these kinds of projects. The mango plantation in Panama we’ve reported on has just closed their plantation to new sales, but we are currently vetting other similar opportunities, in Panama and elsewhere.

To hear about these opportunities early, you can contact our Real Estate Sales Director James Archer and let him know of your interest. You can reach James here.

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