Investing In Foreign Property In A Country Where You’re Not Living

“Kathleen, you give the best presentation, I have to say. Don’t change anything. It’s real and earthy and comes from the heart. I’ve appreciated your recent writing about Paris and France. I haven’t visited it yet, but France is on my list for places to visit and maybe buy.

“Unfortunately I will be out of town for your Orlando, Florida, presentation, and I’m sorry for that. I just wanted to show support for your realistic writing style.”

–Tom D., United States


“Kathleen, would it be wise to invest in agriculture even if you are not sure of moving to that country?

“Would appreciate your reply.”

–Sherali V., United States

Investing in a country and living in a country are two different things that needn’t be connected. I recommend that you like any country where you decide to make a real estate investment at least well enough to want to visit to check on your property. However, it’s possible to make a hands-off property investment—a rental property, for example (if you have a good property manager), or, especially, an agricultural investment.

If you buy into a turnkey agricultural project, you could visit once as part of your pre-purchase due diligence and then never again if you didn’t want to. I don’t recommend that. I think it’s a good idea to check in on any investments you make overseas if you can. That’s not always possible, though… and this is a rule Lief and I break ourselves. We own a piece of land in Nova Scotia that we’ve never seen…

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