Investing In Rare Earth Minerals And Strategic Minerals

“Kathleen, I have been reading everything and anything I get my hands on written by you and Lief Simon for about a year now. The recent article on the rare earth metals is a prime example of what I’ve learned to appreciate about your publications. Totally spot on and correct and once again touching on a subject (and quite a sore one for the United States) that few if any others out there have examined and as important to everyone everywhere as air and water. Rare earth minerals are in or used to make almost everything we require.

“This is a market I know, and the facts as usual as stated in the article are absolute. I read Live and Invest Overseas because I feel all the opportunities you share are also the truth.

“I’d like to share that from reading and learning I’ve come to admire both you and your husband, your approach to your work, the work and organization itself, and the way the information is presented.

“You really don’t miss a thing, and you get a feel for a place or an opportunity from every which angle. There is a competitor publication reporting on similar things but not nearly to the depth of Live and Invest Overseas. It is the best information available out there to do just that.


–Tom M., United States

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