Investing In Real Estate In The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, I am a seasoned commercial real estate broker. I realize the value of a letter like yours. Investment letters abound, and I have paid my share of fees annually, but I find that I agree with you.

“Specifically I’ve enjoyed your reporting on the Dominican Republic. I have been there. Stayed at Punta Cana. I would buy there. If Lief has any connections I would welcome the opportunity to look at what he has found.

“No, I cannot make your investor trip. Darn, would be fun. Thanks for what you do.”

–Robert S., United States

Yes, sorry you won’t be able to join Lief and our team on the ground for this month’s Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference, kicking off next week in Santo Domingo.

As always, though, we’ll be recording every presentation throughout the event and will bundle the collection of audio recordings with other materials to create our first-ever Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Home Conference Kit. This would be your best opportunity for accessing all of Lief’s insights and recommendations for his favorite Caribbean market.

The new kit will be available pre-release at a discount while the event is taking place. Watch this space for further details.

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