IRS Filing Requirements For U.S. Versus Non-U.S. Corporations

“Kathleen, I would very much like to check out Panama but you never go there except during tax season. I am an enrolled agent doing taxes so, of course, I can’t go.

“Next year, could you make your Panama conference other than the first three-and-a-half months of the year?”

–Marilyn R., United States


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“Lief, first I would to thank you for your newsletter. Great job, always good information.

“I’m wondering if you could confirm the following for me:

“Can you confirm what IRS form a U.S. client company may require when I send an invoice for consulting fees for my IBC? Customers are in the United States, and I do know that U.S. businesses have to report on where money is sent.”

–Bernard R.., United States

If you’re talking about a non-U.S. corporation owned by a non-U.S. person providing services to a U.S. corporation, you’re required to file Form W-8BEN-E. Under these circumstances, the payments made to your corporation are likely subject to 30% withholding.

If the offshore corporation is owned by a U.S. person, then you’d complete a W-9.

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