Is The Internet Reliable In Ecuador?

“Kathleen, I’m looking for some advice regarding working via the web in Ecuador (Cuenca, Quito, or Guayaquil). Would you please give me your thoughts?”

— Dorothy R., United States

Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison, who has lived in Ecuador, responds:

“Among the cities you mention, the Internet infrastructure is about the same. In Cuenca (smaller than either Quito or Guayaquil), where my wife and I lived, we had a choice of several ISPs. The prices varied with the speed of the connection you subscribed to. You’ll find ADSL, cable, and antenna delivery, which is what I had. In more than five years living there, my Internet connection was never out of service.

“You can expect the same in Quito or Guayaquil.

“In rural areas of Ecuador, however, Internet service can be unreliable. In Vilcabamba and Otavalo, for example, I’ve heard frequent complaints about reliability.”

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