Kathleen Peddicord And Live And Invest Overseas

“Kathleen and Lief, please, please include in all emails the option to view it in one’s browser. I save a lot of what you send with bookmarks to your own category—that’s the only way I know to save your stuff. Otherwise it disappears into the mist on my inbox’s moving sidewalk. I even save advertising offers I can’t presently afford for when I can.

“An aside to Kathleen: I am often moved while reading your letters to remark to myself, ‘This lady sure can write.’ Nice mix of personal narrative and selling copy. Would like to see your eyes, though, instead of those sunglasses.”

–Joe D., United States

Thank you, for both the mailing tip and the kind feedback. It’s very much appreciated.

Here you go… you can take a look here… me without my sunglasses…


“Kathleen, I thought you and other readers might be interested to see this. This article shows the U.S. Social Security payments made overseas each month by country.”

–Harry K., United States

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