Language And Moving Abroad

“I’ve been reading about the top retirement havens on your website. Your reports seem very comprehensive and informative, except for one thing…the language issue. What if you don’t speak the language of a particular country? Some of these Latin American countries sound wonderful, but unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish well enough to feel comfortable buying property and moving there to live.”

Lydia M., United States

There are many countries or areas within countries where you wouldn’t need to learn the local language. The official language of Belize, for example, is English. In Panama, you can easily get by never learning or speaking Spanish.

You’ll be able to find attorneys in every country that will speak English. Likewise with real estate agents. You’ll want to do some research and look for referrals whenever possible to find trustworthy people to work with. Once you find them, the language barrier will no longer be a concern when it comes to buying property.

Kathleen and Lief do not speak the language of many of the countries they have purchased property in, which includes Panama, France, Brazil, and Croatia. With trusted English-speaking attorneys and experts on their side, their inability to speak the language really played no part in the purchase of the property.

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