Learning Bachata (Or Salsa) In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, I am thrilled to see all this attention on Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. I bought a small, very affordable studio apartment in LT three years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t even rent it, just get there as often as possible and invite my family to join me.

“I can attest to everything that you describe in your top 10 activities to explore article. You did leave out one very enjoyable activity: bachata or salsa lessons, either private or in a class. And, of course, all of the fantastic little discos where you can try out your newly learned moves!

“I wish that I could join you in June to share my enthusiasm for all things LT, but, alas, I will be back at work by then. Keep up the good work.”

–Bonnie B., United States

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