Legal Support For Starting A Business In Panama

“Kathleen, I read your article on living in Panama in the Wall Street Journal, and I would like to open a business there. Is there a lawyer and/or accountant you can recommend to me?

“Thank you very much in advance.”

–Ed C., United States

Yes. Check out our page on working in Panama, where we detail information on starting a business and provide contact for legal help.

Good luck with your new enterprise.


“Kathleen, I’m a German citizen living in Germany. As the situation in Europe becomes worse every day I’m planning to open up a bank account in Panama to move funds out of Europe. Further I want to open up a company there to be able to apply for the permanent residence visa in Panama.”

“Could you guys recommend a lawyer in Panama who is reliable and who can help me with the whole process of the visa application, the opening of the bank account, and the foundation of a company in that country?”

“Thank you so much.”

–Michael S., Germany

With pleasure. Here is our recommended attorney in Panama.

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