Lifestyle Options In Argentina From Buenos Aires To Wine Country And Salta

“Kathleen, this story about your friend in Argentina is so very cool. Thank you so much for sharing. What a nice, insightful person to be thinking this way.

“I went to Buenos Aires this past November and loved it. I want to explore this country more because I think it has a lot to offer whether it is city life or rural life in the wine country. I want to go to Salta, too. A geologist told me that the geology two hours to the north and two hours to the south is amazing—similar to the rock formations we have in New Mexico/Utah.

“You guys do a great job, and I am planning on heading south when my company runs me off and I have what I want in the bank. Based upon what I saw in Buenos Aires in November, renting is a terrific option. Prices seem really good versus buying.

“Your encouraging newsletters have helped me get over the fear of making such a move.”

–Jerry G., United States

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