Live And Invest In Belize Conference

“Kathleen, we’re back in the United States, and I just wanted to thank your team, especially Lauren, for all they did to make the Live and Invest Overseas conference in Belize City happen. Please pass our thanks on to Lief, also. The information and contacts were great!

“Thanks again for a fantastic introduction to Belize.”

–Chris O., United States


“Kathleen, I have read that if you are shipping a car to Belize under the QRP program, it must be less than three years old. Is this correct? Also, if I am under the QRP and my husband is not, can we still ship a car older than three years?”

–Charlotte T., United States

You are correct. To bring a car into Belize duty-free under the QRP program, it must be no more than three years old. The reasoning is that Belize has no recycling centers for cars and they don’t want retirees bringing in cars that will be broken down and need to be buried some place in a few years.

In your situation, perhaps your husband could import an older car if he’s not coming in as your dependent under your QRP application. Remember, though, that that that car would be subject to import duty, which could be a significant amount.

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