Live And Invest In Belize Conference

“Kathleen, I was really blown away after reading the update this week on your Live and Invest seminar on Belize.

“Why? Well, I, too, am a graduate of Dominican High School in Detroit, class of ’64!

“I am presently living in Hawaii, and, though the islands have much to offer, the cost of staying here has become too high.

“Your seminars are a godsend for those of us seeking greener pastures. A big mahalo (thank you) for all of the great information and your hard work in getting it!”

–Carole W., United States


“Kathleen, interesting note in your newsletter recently about Borneo. I’ve just published a new novel set in Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, the east coast of the Indonesian portion of Borneo. Lived there in the 1980s, and the novel is all about living and working in a hardship post in the jungles of Borneo…the only expat woman working outside Jakarta.

“I thought your readers might be interested to take a look on Amazon to see more about the book. It’s called Topsy-Turvy: Kalimantan Tales by Kelsey A. Campbell.”

–Kelsey C., United States

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