Live And Invest In Belize

“Kathleen, I have enjoyed your recent coverage of P.V., as I enjoy my yearly trips to this part of Mexico. I’ll be there this October and again next March. The only thing keeping me from moving there full-time is the drastic drop in my home value here in the States, meaning I’d have to come up with a lot of money to pay off my mortgage after selling at today’s prices.

“On my last trip down there, I was farther north than Nayarit in a town called Sayulita. I found out that it’s a surfer’s mecca. I talked to a man sitting on the beach with a Corona who said he was paying US$300 per month for his apartment. He asked me when I was moving down. I didn’t really have a good answer…”

–Chuck P., Stuck in Illinois…


“Kathleen, my wife and I are interested in your Belize meeting in November. This would be our first trip to this country. I have been receiving your letter via e-mail for about 18 months and have been impressed with the information.

“We own a business and find it hard these days to plan too far ahead, but we’re trying to work things out for an extended visit to Belize to coincide with the dates of your conference.

“Again, I have been reading the newsletters and learning as I go. The way you all have put all this information together is great. I get the feeling of friendship as I read your e-letters. Your info comes across very well.”

–Monte T., United States

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