Live And Invest In Colombia Conference

“Kathleen, I wondered if you have info on Croatia coming soon. I am very interested in that country (real estate, etc.). Perhaps you have bought land there?

“Enjoy Paris. I am living in Pai, Thailand, now.”

–Mary B., Thailand

Yes, we bought an old farmhouse on the side of a mountain in Istria about seven years ago. It remains on the renovation to-do list, a project for down the road, and part of our long-term retirement plan. Croatia, specifically Istria, is one of our favorite places in the world.


“Kathleen, I know this is a little late in coming but just wanted to comment about your very first Live and Invest in Colombia Conference that we attended last January. It was immensely helpful to my husband and myself. We had been wanting to diversify internationally but were not actually sure how or who to contact. Having visited Colombia and toured the country with our son months earlier, we felt Colombia and Medellin particularly was a good choice.

“When we arrived three days before the conference began, we hit the ground running. With contacts we had made through your organization, we started looking at real estate. Once we went to the conference and finished making connections with all the valuable contacts you provided, it was a serious game on. We were only in Colombia eight days, but we accomplished a lot. By the time we left we had started a Colombian corporation through the attorney you suggested and opened an account with Alianza so we could legally bring money into the country. Had a great real estate agent (also from you) and contracts on two apartments. We also had a contract to purchase real estate with the coconut plantation in Brazil.

“We now have closed on the two properties and are having some renovation done on the penthouse. We also opened a foreign bank account outside of the United States. That’s diversification into three different countries. All with contacts that you provided. I know we moved with a little more speed than most people might have, but with the whole FATCA thing coming on us so quickly we felt it was now or never! We now have an exit strategy if things really get tense here in the U.S., and we do plan to retire eventually in Latin American! As soon as I can learn Spanish. Ha! Unfortunately that takes a bit more time than buying property! Especially if you’re a senior!

“We just need to file for our investor visa’s, which we plan to do in October.

“All of this would not have happened had we not attended your conference in Colombia. We also had a great time with other attendees and even stay in contact with a few. Thanks to you for all the wonderful people and contacts you provided that made this so much easier than we ever imagined.”

–Patricia T., United States (for now)

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