Live And Invest In Ireland Conference In July 2013

“Kathleen, how can I go about researching costs of living and health insurance options for Ireland? It’s on our short list, though our move is several years away. I was very interested in the story of the couple who ended up in Glengarriff!”

–Lis B., Overseas Retirement Circle Member, on Facebook

We have published a Country Retirement Report on Ireland, available here. This would provide you with good background information to do with the cost of living, health care, health insurance, etc., in this country.

In addition, we are planning our first Euro-event in five years in Dublin, Ireland, this summer. The details have not been finalized for this Live and Invest in Europe Conference, which will focus on six top destinations in this part of the world, including Ireland.


“Kathleen, I’m writing in response to your recent Mailbag from the reader asking about panning for gold in Ecuador.

“I have a friend with a gold-panning concession in Ecuador. It cost him US$10,000 back in 2002, when the government thought it was worthless. So if you’re going to be serious (buy equipment and set up a permanent station), you need the concession.

“That said, I don’t know if there’s a concession-less limit, such as one-quarter ounce, as the reader who wrote in to you may have been suggesting.

“I’d say that anyone considering this in Ecuador should speak with a lawyer.”

–Lee Harrison, Latin America Correspondent

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