Live And Invest In Panama Conference

“Kathleen, my wife and I are interested in a get-together in and about Panama. We are unsure what we want to do other than that we want to spend the cold months in a warmer climate either in the United States or south of us.

“We also know that we would like to attend a conference from you to help us make our plan. We travel fairly often and have finally decided that this traveling to like Hawaii for the month of October is not the smartest thing to do. It is beautiful in Colorado in October so why don’t we stay here then and hit the Hawaii’s of the world when it is freezing here? (As I write it is -5 degrees Fahrenheit.)

“Are you planning a conference in Panama this year? Do you know about when?

“Thanks for your updates. We really enjoy them.”

–Brian C., United States

Yes, indeed, we’ll be hosting this year’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference in July. Full details to be released very soon.

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