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“Kathleen, it seems that disagreeing with U.S. government policy may now be dangerous. Have you seen this?

“Now that Congress has given and the president has accepted (by signing the National Defense Authorization Act into law on Dec. 31, 2011) the same powers that the 1934 Bundestag voted to give the duly elected Chancellor of the Weimar Republic (Germany), it may be too late. By the way, the name of the Chancellor was Adolph Hitler, and the powers granted to him by his congress were the final step in enabling him to create the Third Reich.

“The article in the link is of great importance, and I hope you’ll share it with other readers. I don’t expect to see similar articles in the U.S. popular media since these sorts of things don’t generally get reported in the U.S. press. The popular columnists either don’t comment (that is, they know to keep their boundaries), or their comments are not published.

“Notice that, while the report is from an American financial blog (Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden), the source of Tyler’s information is the Reuters news service. It seems that Reuters, the British-based Financial Times, Der Speigel, and the Asian Times, among others, report more of the important stuff in the United States than does the U.S. media.

“So, please, publish the link.”

–George D., United States


“Kathleen, I am interested in Panama as an option for retiring overseas. I thought I received an offer for a ‘kit’ and/or country manual from you? Which product do you consider to be the most useful and informative resource for this country?

I am also wanting to attend your conference in Panama City in April. It seems that Panama checks all the boxes for me, but I need to “try it on” first to be sure.

“Thanks for all your sound advice on so many practical aspects of relocating overseas. Your 52 Days course, which I’m currently working my way through, breaks it down to bite-size pieces so to avoid getting overwhelmed.”

–Donna C., 52 Days Student, United States

If you’re interested in Panama, start here.

That bundle of resources, put together by Panama expats, will help you to get to know this country a little better. If, after reviewing those materials, you’re still thinking Panama might be the place for you, yes, the next best step would be to join us here for one of our live events.