Live And Invest In Panama

“Kathleen, thank you for all of this ongoing information. You are a lifeline to Americans wanting out right now.

“When and where is your Panama Conference in October? Can you please send me information for signing up?”

— Peggy D., United States

Thank you for your feedback and support. It’s much appreciated.

Our next Live & Invest in Panama Conference is scheduled for Oct. 21-23 in Panama City. You can read details of the program here. Register now to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount. Conference Director Sofia Hogan can tell you more when you get in touch. Reach Sofia by e-mail at or by phone, toll-free from the United States, 1-888-627-8834.


“Kathleen, I was very touched by the letter from the man who lived in Tucson (as I do) and moved to Panama. I want to live six months in Panama, Uruguay, Malaysia, Croatia, or France. I would also consider other six-month stints in the Philippines, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

“I want to experience South America, Central America, Europe, and Asia to determine which region best fits my retirement goals.

“My goals include real estate investment, travel writing, copywriting as a new income resource, and investment management (meaning I need reliable Internet access). My hobby is sailing–hence my interest in Croatia. I am interested in experiencing as much local culture as possible in each place.

“Back to the man from Tucson. I would like to become a pen pal. I am a healthy 69-year-old, also from Tucson. I am an optical engineer by trade but have done real estate investment to send my six sons to college. I am going through a divorce and plan to make my move alone. I could learn a lot from your editor. Could you forward my request to him and invite him to write to me?

“I enjoy your publications and find them very helpful. I need to plan participation at some seminars and would like to know which ones will become available during the next 8 to 12 months? Thanks for any advice you could offer!”

— Chuck R., United States

By all means, we’ll put you in touch with Lee Zeltzer, our new Panama Letter Editor. I’m sure he’ll be happy to speak with you.

Meantime, our events calendar for the coming year right now includes:

  • Live and Invest in Belize later this month–June 21-23 in Belize City


  • Live and Invest in France next month–July 22-23 in Paris



  • Live and Invest Overseas Offshore Summit–Sept. 2-3 in Panama City–We see an urgent need for this event and are making plans now.



  • Live and Invest in Panama–Oct. 21-23 in Panama City



  • Live and Invest in Uruguay and Argentina–Dec. 1-3–Details for this event are being finalized.


For more information on any of these events, you can reach Conference Director Sofia Hogan by e-mail at or by phone, toll-free from the United States, at 1-888-627-8834.

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