Live And Invest In Puerto Vallarta

“Kathleen, I don’t know if this e-mail will reach you, but I just had to respond to your latest e-mail about Puerto Vallarta.

“It made my chuckle, because I have thought about retiring in one of the great Central or South American countries that you write about, but I always come back to thinking about Puerto Vallarta, as it has so many comfortable conveniences available that I have become used to and that I most likely won’t find in the other countries. Plus it is only a three-hour flight away from Arizona, where I, my children, and grandchildren live.

“I have been anxiously reading all of your and Lief Simon’s materials and have learned a great deal. Thank you.

“I am originally from Munich, Germany. Love that city and would love to spend a good part of the year there when I finally get a change to retire, but the cost will probably prevent me from it. Yes, I could live somewhere else in Germany, outside Munich, but to me it is just not the same, not the same excitement as city living.

“Puerto Vallarta has been a favorite place to visit since 1978. But instead of buying in Vallarta we ended off having several condominiums in the bay where the Las Hadas Hotel is located outside Manzanillo. We have thoroughly enjoyed our winters there.

“We also looked at Guadalajara and Lake Chapala for our future retirement, but we were not too excited. The pull of the ocean is just too great for us.

Since reading your book and e-mails and your husband’s e-mails, the call of retirement is getting stronger. I am beyond retirement age, but, due to the fact that our business is in an industry that was hit especially hard by this worldwide economic meltdown, I really need to wait a bit more and hope that our business plans for this year will come to fruition to allow me to finally fly the coop.

“Thoughts and plans have gone through my mind over the past six months as to where to put down roots for a while outside the United States. I’ve considered:

“La Paz. Have been there. Actually put some money down for a condo but decided against it. I am a sailor, and it would have been a great place in some ways but just not enough things to do. Too quiet.

“Panama. Sounds great. I have a distant family member who lives in Panama City and is over the moon in regard to all of the business opportunities there for him, but it’s just a bit too far away from family here in Arizona.

“Costa Rica. I am thinking about visiting Lake Arenal. It should be a great place for sailing but, again, maybe too quiet for me?

“Which takes me back to Puerto Vallarta. I had already put down some money for a condo at Luma Living but needed a refund because the economy tanked and the savings account shrank!

“But it is such a great place! As you said: ‘American conveniences.’ They seem to become a little more important as one gets older and has been used to them for quite a while!

“And they are there in Vallarta: Costco, Walmart, Blockbuster with English movies, many expats, many volunteer possibilities, and, most of all, a great bay to sail in and a yacht club!

“But I’m afraid it has become expensive. So I am planning on taking part in your seminar in May to see what wonderful ideas your group can come up with for a future expat who has lived on a ‘Champagne Budget’ for the past 30 years and now needs to retire on a ‘Beer Budget’ thanks to the economic meltdown.

“Please keep up the good work. It is always fun the read your and your staff’s e-mails filled with great information.”

–Ruth L., United States

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