Live And Invest In The Dominican Republic Conference In Santo Domingo

“Kathleen, I am interested in the Samana area of the Dominican Republic but could not make your June 10 conference. Could you send me a report and testimonies on this area?

“I am interested in a winter stay of approximately three months only. No thoughts of retiring year-round away from Canada yet. I would be with my girlfriend and could afford US$2,000 monthly.”

–Paul C., Canada

Sorry you can’t make it to next month’s Dominican Republic event. Your part-year retirement plan sounds great, and you’ll do well in Samana with a budget of US$2,000 per month.

We’ll be recording every presentation over the two-and-a-half days of this Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference and offering the collection of recordings as part of our Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference Kit, which will be available for a pre-release discount while the event is taking place.

It won’t be as much fun as being there in person (our correspondents on the ground promise salsa dancing and other special activities), but the conference kit will give you access to all the information shared during the live event.

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