Live And Invest Overseas Conference Mailbag

“Kathleen and Lief, thank you very much for the pleasure of the Live and Invest Overseas conference these past three days in Scottsdale! This truly was a memorable experience, and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the finest people I have met in a very long time, yourselves included.

“Here’s the link for Perpetuum Jazzile (Slovenian a cappella vocal group extraordinaire) As I mentioned when we spoke at the conference, this is the old Toto song ‘Rain in Africa,’ and I’m guessing you guys will appreciate it.

“Have a safe trip wherever you are going from Scottsdale.”

–Pete W., United States


“Kathleen, I could never find the one thing not to do in Panama, referenced in one of your e-mails from your event in Scottsdale this week. Please tell me!

“Also, by the way, Kathleen, I met you on Roatan years ago…”

–Wilson W., United States

Here’s the excerpt from my dispatch referencing the Panama country workshop at our event in Scottsdale this week. Panama attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly and Panama entrepreneur Robert Kroesen were on stage:

“‘Don’t mess with Carnaval!’ Robert is advising the group.

“‘Yes, we Panamanians like our parties!’ Rainelda adds as she flips the projector to show a colorful Las Tablas Carnaval parade…”

In other words, the one thing never to do in Panama is to get in the way of a Carnaval party.


“Kathleen, hearing about four-hour-long passport queues for us Europeans to enter the United States and the current state of border controls in that country does not make me very keen to visit the USA. Thus, I missed your conference in Scottsdale this week.

“If you have any conferences planned in Europe, I will be there.”

–Matthew M., Europe

We understand. Even we Americans don’t relish the thought of subjecting ourselves to Homeland Security hospitality. We’re considering options for future events.

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