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“Kathleen, everything I read from your company makes good sense. However it is aimed at North America almost in its entirety. This means for Europeans, for example, the language that is used and the U.S.-based jargon related to tax and pensions is meaningless.
“I firmly believe that the information that you are providing and the services would be useful to people in the UK but my opinion is that there will be resistance based on language and terms used.

“The options would appear to be to leave it as it is and take your chances, add a UK or European edition, or have some of the articles rewritten by a native.

“I’ve lived overseas (from the UK) for 18 months, simply going with the flow in where our business of consultancy takes us. It’s working at the moment, although living out of suitcases has its drawbacks.”

–Ray J., originally from the United Kingdom

We’re considering global expansion options, including a Spanish-language edition. We’ll add a Euro edition to the list of possibilities.

If either of these ideas (a Spanish-language or European edition) interests you, tell us here.

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