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“Kathleen, I have been reading some of your postings for the past few weeks. I must admit I mainly skim as they are very long (!), but I will say I am intrigued by the prospect of moving from the United States to live a better quality of life than I can here in Rhode Island.

“For years I have traveled on business to Asia, mostly China and Europe, and feel very comfortable in foreign countries.

“Here’s my question: Do you plan to have any Live and Invest Overseas ‘Expos’ here in any U.S. cities? I think people here would be very interested in seeing photos, learning more about living and business opportunities in South, Central America, Caribbean islands. and perhaps other areas. I love the idea of an introductory ‘one stop shop’ to learn about many areas before venturing out to see for myself. I look forward to hearing back on this.”

–Heidi H., United States

In fact, this idea of a “Live and Invest Overseas Road Show” in the United States is on our 2013 to-do list.

You can register your interest in the idea here, indicating, if you’d like, and vote for a city you’d like us to include on the schedule.

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