Live Healthy, Lose Weight By Retiring Overseas

“Kathleen, just want to give you guys a quick shout out from Merida, Mexico.

“I attended a seminar with you last January, and as a result of reading your blogs doing other research this summer, and taking your 52 Days program, we sold our house in Canada (along with most of our belongings) and moved to Merida, Mexico. We are really enjoying life off that big hamster wheel we love to run on in Canada and the USA.

“My stress levels have gone down significantly, I lost 10 pounds in first month just from eating healthier local foods, am more active, no rush hour, and feel far more free on many levels. Generally speaking people here are more family and community minded. I think it will be very hard to move back to Canada based on our first two months’ experience, but we will make a final decision next year either way.

“It was not easy at first with two young boys, but they love it and we are treating like an adventure for and year then we will see after that.

“Thank you from our family for helping give us guidance and invaluable information on many levels.”

–Andre C., Mexico

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