Live, Invest, And Retire In France

“Kathleen, I have followed your newsletter for years, dreaming of my future life in Paris all the while. Imagine my joy when I read that you are working toward opening a Live and Invest office in Paris in the near future! I have wished all these years that you would do a conference there and am hoping that this means one is in the works. I will be the first person to sign up!

“I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri, but my hope is to purchase an apartment in Paris in the next one to two years. Please let me know if a Paris conference is a possibility. I am in desperate need of contacts and help to make this transition happen.

“I would also love to throw my resume in the ring when you begin looking for help in your new office!”

–Kimberly M., United States

A Live and Invest in Europe event is in the works for 2014. Featured destinations will include France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Romania. Stay tuned for details.

Meantime, you can register your early interest in a Euro-conference and get your name on the list for discounts and VIP perks here.

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