Live, Retire, Invest In Panama

Kathleen, I am a new subscriber to your Panama Letter. It has all the pertinent information on Panama that I have been looking for, and, as you say it is all straightforward, honest, and not sugar-coated. Perfect. I plan on relocating to Panama in about a year.

“Volume 3, Issue 4 was my first issue. You say that you publish around the first of each month. I haven’t received the May issue yet. Please do not forget me. Thanks again for creating the Panama Letter.”

–Richard L., United States

Richard, I feel a little awkward doing so, but I have to respond to your compliments to say that we are behind schedule with the May issue of the Panama Letter. It is in the final stages of production as you read this and will be in your (and all other Panama Letter subscribers’) e-mailboxes by the end of the week.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope you’re as delighted with this next issue as you were with your first.

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